Triad Math’s Affiliate Program for Marketing Partners

Give Gifts – Make Money

A TMI Affiliate can be any Individual or Organzation who can contact Homeschoolers and offer them a Free Gift which will improve their lives dramatically. Here’s How and Why!

MATH is a Major Challenge for Homeschoolers’ Students.

This Free Gift will get any Student started down a Path that Overcomes this Challenge. No Brag – Just Fact!

This Gift is TMI’s Unique $47 OnLine Math Program – Free!
“Learn the Basics of Arithmetic on a TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator – – Quick and Easy!”

A TMI Affiliate can earn an unlimited amount of money byGiving Gifts to Homeschoolers at the Affiliate’s TMI Webpage:

TMI then will educate the Homeschooler with a series of Emails and Videos and ZOOM meetings on how to deliver a
great Optimal 21st Century Math Education to their Students.

Many Homeschoolers then will purchase some 21st Century Math Education Products from TMI which are Unique and
Effective and Successful for their students. Always No Risk!

THEN, The Affiliate will receive a 20% commission on any of the Products TMI sells the Homeschooler in the future.

To become a TMI Affiliate:

Phone at 812-355-3030 Ext 402 M – F, 10AM – 4PM EST.