The Triad Math Affiliate Program for Marketing Partners

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A Triad Math (TMI) Affiliate can earn an unlimited amount of money with No Selling by educating anyone interested in Math by sending them to our Websites.

First, just send a potential customer to the “Invest in Yourself”  Webpage.

Tell this person that if s/he decides to purchase the Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator Program to buy it from you IF you want to sell it for $14.99 and buy it wholesale for $7.50.  Otherwise tell them to buy directly it from us, not Amazon, and we will pay you a $5 commission.  https://zetaofs.checkout-

Second, then TMI will educate the customer with a series of Emails and Videos and ZOOM meetings on how s/he can best proceed if s/he wants to learn some more Math for any reason.  This applies to any Math Student.

Then if this customer purchases any more products from TMI the Affiliate will receive a commission.

As an Affiliate you may be able to help educate this customer on what additional TMI products would be appropriate to buy.

The Affiliate will receive a 20% commission on any of the Products TMI sells except the Crusade Program, which is an even better deal.

The best Program for many students is the Crusade Program which costs less than $1/Day, or $29/Month.

The Crusade Program includes ALL of TMI’s Six Tiers plus many valuable Videos.

This is an amazing Program unlike any other program that exists today, i.e. it is a Vastly Superior Math Program.

Visit:  to learn all about it.

Now the Affiliate will receive $30 for the first month after the Crusader pays for the second month, Plus $6/Mo for each month the Crusader remains in the Crusade.  Most Crusaders will be in it for a year or two.

So, for example, the let’s assume a Crusader stays in the Crusade for one year.

The Affiliate will earn $30 + 11x$6 = $96 or about $100 for the year.

Just think how much money an Affiliate could earn in one year.

10 Customers=$1,000 : 100 Customers=$10,000 : 1,000 Customers=$100,000

No Upper Limit.  10,000 Customers = $1,000,000    Sky’s the limit.

Question:  Food for thought.

How much time will it take for an Affiliate to tell a lot of other adults about the Crusade?  Or the “Invest in Yourself” Website, Or the “Mastering the Scientific Calculator” Program? – –   No selling! – – Just telling people about it.

Suppose it takes three hours of efforts telling people about these programs to generate one Crusader.  That’s $10 up front and $32 over the year PER HOUR.

Hmmm!  That’s what we tell young people to do in the “Invest in Yourself” Program.  Learn to do something that can earn you $25/Hour or more from your efforts.  Part time or full time.

Bottom Line;  Help a lot of people improve their lives dramatically.

NO selling.  Just educate people by sending them to appropriate Webpages.

Of course, IF You understand this program Your Recommendation could go a long ways to creating a customer!

This TMI Affiliate Program is not a “Get Rich Fast” scheme or a MLM scheme.

The TMI Affiliate Program is a sort of ‘partnership’ to help students and their families find the best possible Math Education Resources available today.

Our MAIN MISSION is to help people improve their lives!  At No Risk!

As you know or will learn, Modern 21st Century Technologies have revolutionized both Math Education and the Application of Math to the Workforce and STEM.

You may fully educate yourself, as a really good Affiliate should, by simply reading or listening to Dr. Del’s book: How and Why 21st Century Math is vastly superior to 20th Century Math.

The other name is How and Why Homeschool Math can be vastly Superior to Public School Math.

Go to: to get your free copy of this book, and much more.

Apply to become a TMI Affiliate:

Contact by phone at 812-355-3030 Ext 402 M – F, 10AM – 4PM EST

or Email: 

Join the TMI Team to endeavor to improve the world for all people.