CATEGORY: Triad Math Inc

Tier 5

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Tier 5.  Tier 5 is made up of two topics: differential calculus and integral calculus.

This course introduces students to calculus, then covers functions, derivatives and their rules, inverse functions, and series expansions. Applications to graphing include methods for understanding what the graph of a function looks like, including whether it is increasing or decreasing, finding maximums and minimums, points of inflection, and concavities. This courses also introduces your student to the powerful tool, Wolfram Alpha, which makes time-consuming calculations used to discover this information obsolete.

Integral calculus causes more students to abandon mathematical studies than any other topic. The powerful tool, Wolfram Alpha, eliminates the obstacles that cause many students to give up. This course uses Wolfram Alpha to learn applications of integration, including areas, arc length, volumes, and surface areas. The course also covers parametric functions and improper integrals while teaching your student the easy to understand commands that Wolfram Alpha uses. Wolfram Alpha requires NO understanding of programming languages, simply tell Wolfram Alpha what you want to know and it will return the answer as well as show you for future reference the syntax that it uses.