NEW!  Stake Holder Message:  June 20, 2016 – 1 page PDF

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Here are the five important PDF messages we’ve shared with you previously:

Executive Summary – 6 pages

Stake Holder Report – 4 pages

Unicorn Investment Opportunity – 10 pages

Zero to One – 4 pages

Genesis of TMI – 3 pages

This is about a Mission I have been pursuing for almost a decade now, and in a certain sense, for over sixty years.

Five years ago I founded Triad Math, Inc. to pursue this Mission which is:

“Deliver an optimal mathematics education, easily and inexpensively, to any student of any age that empowers him or her to achieve his or her broader goals in life.”

After all, appropriate math knowledge can be the “Open Sesame” to many career, job,  and hobby opportunities.  Matheracy is more valuable than ever in this 21st Century.

This Mission has been possible to achieve in recent years thanks to several modern technologies.

This endeavor has resulted in a unique “Unicorn Investment Opportunity” for any of my friends who believe in our Mission, and who would like to participate and help in some way.

Your “investment” can be in the form of dollars, or in some type of service or contribution that will help us achieve our Mission.

To learn all about Triad Math, Inc. and where we are at this point in time you may read our Executive Summary.  Things are happening very fast now and this will be updated frequently.

To learn about your “Unicorn Investment Opportunity” read the Unicorn Investment Opportunity.

To learn more about WHY this may be a unique “once in a lifetime” opportunity and to understand the reasons behind it you might enjoy my Summary of Peter Thiel’s book , Zero to One.  You’ll need this to fully appreciate and understand the Executive Summary.

Thanks for your friendship.  I wish you much happiness and success in your own endeavors.

Let me know if I can help you in any way, particularly if it involves math.  🙂