Dr. Del’s STEM Math Club – School Enrollment

Dr. Del’s STEM Math Club – School Enrollment




School Enrollment:

  • Includes FREE Membership for one Club Leader Teacher and one Club Leader Student to Evaluate the Club before enrolling other Members.

Club Membership Benefits:

When a Member completes Tier 5, the Member will be very well prepared to enter any University to study STEM subjects.

Tier 6, Differential Equations, will make the Member much better prepared than other new enrollees in the University.

Indeed, we don’t know of any current schools which teach this 21st Century STEM Math. See the Six Tier Syllabus. Nor do we know of any Math Textbooks or other Online Programs that teach it either. They teach the 20th Century Math Curriculum, which utilizes the Manual Tools, and not a tool like Wolfram Alpha, and, thus are MUCH more difficult to learn and master.

The Club can also engage in special STEM Math activities created by the Members and Club Leaders. It can all be done Online, or in group settings.

The School will provide Coaches and Club leaders. These can be Math Teachers or Students or other citizens chosen by the School. Dr. Del will coach the Coaches.

Club Membership Includes:

  • Enrollment into Dr. Del’s Six Tier Online Math Program (retail value of $597.00).
  • Printable Notes and Exercise PDFs are provided for all Six Tiers.
  • A PDF copy of Dr. Del’s Golden Rule Math for STEM Students book.
  • $100 Coupon toward the purchase of a SupraComputer.