Dr. Dels Family Math Plan – 2 Children

Dr. Dels Family Math Plan – 2 Children

$30.00 / month



Unlimited access to Tiers 1-6:

Tier 1 – Calculator – Learn to use the TI-30Xa calculator with Basic Operations, Calculator – Trigonometry Operations, and Pre-Algebra

Tier 2 – Introduction to Algebra, Introduction to Geometry 2D, Introduction to Geometry 3D, Introduction to Trigonometry

Tier 3 – SAT/ACT prep

Tier 4 – Geometry 2D, Geometry 3D, Algebra, Trigonometry, Complex Numbers, Special Topics – Algebra, Special Topics – Geometry

Tier 5 – Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus

Note: When you sign up, please sign up the coach, click the check box that says you are the coach, and type in your students’ names (first and last) that need to be added to the Crusade Family Plan.